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It’s never been easier to create a good looking web page on your own. Many services allow you to create your own website for a very low fee. Basically, you can just drag and drop yourself to create a website for your brand. However, a professional website design agency can offer significant benefits that a DIY project cannot.  

Why is web design important?

  1. It sets the first impression:
    In the digital world, people make snap judgements and those first impressions can make or break the deal. A good impression can lead to a longer visit or instant conversion. However, an unresponsive, outdated website can hinder audience satisfaction in many ways.  Therefore, invest in design; keep it simple and familiar. 
  2. It should aid your SEO strategy:
    The various designing elements and features on the website can influence the layout in which the content is placed, thereby influencing how search engine crawlers treat the website. This means, If your on-page SEO is not up to the mark, you will be fighting an uphill battle for visibility from day one. Simply put, even your codes need to search engine friendly.
  3. Solid navigation:
    Users visit your site to access information quickly and easily. For an experienced web designer, it is possible to foresee this user journey of an average web user and predict when the users begin their browsing, where they want the menu to appear, and how they wish to navigate through the site. With this level of insight, a skilled designer can offer short, simple, and satisfying browsing experiences for its users.
  4. Responsive design:
    In an age where the digital world is evolving beyond computer screens, a static website cannot guarantee success. You need to factor in other screens as well when designing a website, including 2-in-1 laptops, tablets, and smartphones of ever-evolving screen sizes. Incorporating a responsive website will make sure your website looks its best on all digital screens irrespective of its size.
  5. Style guide:
    Website design is important because it establishes consistency across your entire site. Maintaining consistency can help you build brand recognition and keep your audience on your page longer. In order to build a cohesive brand image across the web, it is important that you create a style guide for your brand.
  6. Relevant content:
    Content is the king. Creating engaging copy will keep your audience interested. It will give your audience an opportunity to know you and your brand thus making your site content equally important as its overall design.
  7. Stay up-to-date on the latest trends:
    Trends in web design are constantly changing to match the changing customer needs. For instance, designers have been going the flat design route for the past few years. Basically, a flat design means a simple and clean design format with limited images because a website overburdened with images can slow down, driving potentially loyal customers away.
  8. It saves time:
    A professional web design company can save you time in several ways. They know how to create an effective online presence efficiently in lesser time compared to an amateur developer. Second, since the site is thoroughly tested before being published, you can depend on it not to crash, malfunction or cause major downtimes thus reducing time on maintenance. The failure of your site can negatively affect your online sales and traffic, create a bad first impression, and even lead to the loss of good customers. In an e-commerce environment, where sales depend on a positive shopping experience, this is especially important.

How we can help?

Priorm is a premier digital marketing company, located in New Zealand. Our company’s web page design services have long helped local businesses reach the global market. A unique, functional, and responsive website can be designed that fits your budget thanks to our expertise, experience, and professional experts.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have about web development. Please contact us for more information.